Senior Java Developer, Agile, TDD, BDD

Posted 2 years ago

We are looking for 5 Java Developers for immediate start.

A senior developer works within agile project delivery teams designing and implementing the application in accordance with appropriate architectural and technical practices. It is a hands on role involving designing and coding. The programmes Server Side technical stack is Java based and the candidate should be an expert in modern effective Java and its ecosystem.

The ideal candidate will be a technology enthusiast and self starter, an experienced and forward thinking coder who enjoys designing software, has considered opinions about modern software architecture.

Ideal candidate is enthusiastic about writing modern, clean Java, and is knowledgeable about trends and practices both inside and outside the Java ecosystem. The ideal candidate is ideally knowledgeable/experienced in multiple programming paradigms, such as functional or logical programming, and has experience of multiple languages.


  • Good problem solving skills (anticipates, identifies and defines problems. Seeks root causes. Develops and implements practical and timely solutions)
  • Demonstrates attention to detail and accuracy
  • Must be able to work in a mixed team environment (business & technical)
  • Continuous learning and an openness to change
  • Java (essential)
  • Must have a good working knowledge of Java (4/5 years plus)
  • Spring
  • JSP
  • Agile development (we use Kanban & scrum)
  • Backend development
  • Version Control (we use git)
  • Scripted builds (we use Gradle)
  • Unit Testing (We use JUnit/Hamcrest)
  • Database experience (we use SQL/postgres, we don’t use ORM currently)
  • Good experience of common web application architectures
  • Java (useful)
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring MVC
  • Microservices or distributed architecture experience
  • Deployment experience
  • Continuous integration (we use Jenkins)
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Brower developer tools (Firebug/Chrome Developer tools etc.)
  • JQuery
  • AWS experience useful

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